I’m talking, of course, about Twilight.

From everything I’ve heard, people, both fans and those who haven’t read the books, have enjoyed the movie.  There’s a general consensus that it’s pretty much in the category of teen romance, and not exactly Oscar-worthy, but entertaining and appealing to its intended audience none the less.  Those a few reviews I’ve read have touched on the whole “I love you so I just might kill you if we kiss” theme, there seems to be a lot less outcry about the anti-feminist message of the plotline.  Which is a plus in my book.  I mean, I like vampire movies, so I wouldn’t be against seeing the movie for that reason alone.  But still, I just don’t think I can handle it.

I do, though, think it interesting that they made Edward older in the movie than in the book.  I always felt he was too young to be considered “old.”

Here’s a review from someone who liked it (but the comments after the article suggest his readers didn’t!)

This one’s a little more lukewarm.

THough Twilight probably won’t be on my Christmas movie list, I am planning to see Bolt.  How cute is that hampster?  And The Tale of Desperaux will be a Chistmas Day movie for me!