A fabulous addition to all my daily book sites, Bookslut.com provides a look at books I might not come across in my daily review reading.  The reviews are irreverant (what an overused word!), funny, and tend to be right on target.  The reviewers are obviously well-read in more than one genre, and intelligent to boot.  And the regular columns are giving me a great kick-start when I’m having trouble finding some way to fill my endless computer time.  Just when the internet was seeming too small again, I clicked on the right link, and now here I am, feeling refreshed by the addition of some much-needed non-librarian oriented reviewing.  Yay!


Books that have made it onto my (ever-growing) list of stuff-to-read based on the reviews on this site include:

White by Marie Darrieussecq

A History of the World for Rebels and Somnambulists by Jesus del Campo

The Bruise by Magdalena Zurawski

Upon further perusing of the site, I intend to increase this list dramatically, but for now, three should do me.  Especially considering the two still unopened boxes of books from ALA, and the shelves and shelves of already unpacked ARC’s.  Plus all my overdue library books.  Why am I still typing?  I need to get to reading!