With Banned Book Week coming up, I’ve been in over my ears with book displays related to censorship.  On Monday, I put up a display of banned middle grade and YA books and found myself somewhat dismayed.

As I put together my list before going to the shelf to pull, I started to realize that EVERY BOOK I COULD THINK OF had made it onto a banned books list!

In hindsight, this shouldn’t have shocked me.  I mean, if all it takes to get a book challenged is one “concerned parent” to decide a book (they probably haven’t even read) is dirty, or encourages anti-authoritarian attitudes, than YA is pretty much screwed, right?  

Not to mention the ministers and priests who tell their congregations to complain about Harry Potter, or the latest book telling children to forsake God and worship Satan through sorcery and talking animals.

Not to point a finger or anything.

So in the end, I just went down the aisles, pulling stuff that caught my eye.  I figured Judy Blume and Roald Dahl were good choices across the board.

To read a great rant about book banning, check out “And Absalom has kissed her lower eye…”