So, surprise, surprise, they’re making a movie of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight. Color me shocked. Am I looking forward to it? No. Will I watch it? Yes. Because, as much as Bella annoyed me and I found the entire mythos of the vampires contrived and trying too hard to make up explanations for common vampire legends, I still got completely caught up in the story.

As far as casting choices, Kristen Stewart is playing Bella. How perfect is that? She looks whiny enough, and she annoys me just as much. But Robert Pattinson? Not exactly the too-perfect pretty-boy I pictured Edward as. (He wasn’t pretty enough for Cedric Diggory either.)  I’ve also been told to expect Peter Facinelli (Remember him from Can’t Hardly Wait??)

Regardless of cast, though, I have to say I’m not thrilled that this is the YA book that gets to be a movie this time around. Not that the vampire thing is tired (bloodsuckers never get old), but just that I find far too much of the premise inherently unrealistic. Not the vampire part (of course that’s unrealistic). I mean Bella, and the fact that’s she’s hardly an accurate portrayal of a teenage girl. Sure, Meyer touches on this, in saying Bella thinks on a different wavelength from her peers, and has always had to be the “adult” in her family, and blah blah blah. It still hits me a little wrong the way she treats her friends—how fake is that? And the ease with which she and Edward fall in love?  Without questioning anything.

 Not to mention the fact that, no matter how hormonally challenged teenaged boys can be, they tend to give up on a girl when she has a personality as bland as tapioca pudding, obviously has no idea how to dress herself, and she shows NO INTEREST IN THEM WHATSOEVER.

And what about Edward? Other than the whole “blood sucking fiend” thing, is there anything wrong with him? He’s smart, he knows how to dress, he plays the piano—he’s all perfect, to an irritating extent.

That being said, the plot was well done, even if the characters were somewhat one-dimensional, and the inter-relations between them a bit contrived. It will make a good movie, and, judging from the fact that we can’t keep the book on the shelves, the movie will be a box office success.

I still say I’m looking far more forward to Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.  How much do I love Michael Cera???