I’m currently finding myself going through a YA craze.  It’s happened before, it will surely happen again. 

 Right now, I’ve read so many that they’re swimming in my head, but the one that started it this time is Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely.    I hate to admit to things like this, since my whole 1990’s teen angst fueld association with all things dark and supernatural has faded, but I’m still so completely all about fairies.  But few Fairy books really capture me anymore (in fact, few ever did).  Marr’s definitely did!

 Aislinn has always been able to see fairies, a fact she has to hide for her own safety.  But now there’s one following her, and she starts to think that revealing her secret might be the only way to figure out what’s going on.

A story rife with suspense, just enough teen-friendly love/sex to make it enticing for reader’s tired of the PG, but not exactly ready for the “real thing,” and a great ending that everyone can be happy with make this a teen book to look into.

As with all the books I read, I go for total immersion.  From eating food that’s mentioned in the book to talking to characters in my head long after I’ve turned the last page, I need to feel like I’m a part of the novel.  So, as part of the experience of reading this book, here’s a list of multi-media read/listen/watch-alikes.


  • I hate this band, but Aislinn loves them, and they seem to crop up in a lot of teenlit lately–Linkin Park
  • To up the dark and kind of scary fairy tale feel, listen to Rasputina
  • Cat Powers seemed like a perfect fit for this story with her blend of etheral vocals and haunting music. 
  • For something a little more soulful and down to Earth, try listeing to Josh Ritter or Iron and Wine.
  • Want to listen to some of the author’s favorites?  Try Hole, Concrete Blonde, and Damien Rice

Movies (This list is pretty Old-School)

  • Obviously The Labyrinth.  Sure, it’s goblins, not fairies, but it’s David Bowie in tights, how can you go wrong?
  • Perhaps a little old for most teen readers, but a beautiful film, Photographing Fairies is a great way to enmesh yourself in this particular sub-fantasy genre.
  • Though the plot has nothing to do with fairies, The Crow captures a lot of the feel of Wicked Lovely, if in a little darker way.


Want some internet Urban Fantasy Action?  Start here: Urban Fantasy Land

And check out Melissa Marr’s blog!